Mobile SEOs future seems bright in 2018

The beginning of 2018 has come with new expectations for many SEO organizations. We have compiled a list of what you should look forward to in the mobile SEO front. 2017 proved to be a year of lots of changes in the mobile ecosystem, but the soon to be launched mobile-first index remains to be the most anticipated mobile new in 2018. This article will give some predictions for 2018 and the background information that will help to plan for a more prosperous year ahead.

Development of progressive web apps

This trend caught on in 2017, and it is expected to be even bigger in 2018. Progressive web apps enable handset users to download apps without taking anything away from any of their best characteristics. The greatest advantage of PWAs is that they help web builders to bridge the gap between discoverability on the web and engagement leading to better customer satisfaction. They can function full-screen on the mobile without address bar and push notifications. Which means they can either be used directly on the web or installed on Android devices.

Cross-device convergence

This is one of the biggest things to look forward to in 2018. The number of connected devices is increasing, and minds need to expand to have a broader view and meaning of cross-devices. The changing times demand seamless movement of information from one device to another while maintaining its state, history, and interaction of all devices. As a result, we suspect that developers will be keen on testing and enhancing data integration of one app across many devices. You should look forward to convergence of desktop and mobile app stores sooner rather than later.

Reliance on structured data

Google has been pushing webmasters to link everything with structured data such as social media pages books, courses, events, and corporate contact information. Structured data allows Google to gain a better understanding of all entities. Structured data saves Google from all the trouble of crawling the web for content. Content that has been linked with structured data can be easily gathered and shared on non-traditional devices such as Google Home, Google assistant, and Android auto.

New understanding of mobile-first indexing

All these trends are meant to help you understand how mobile-first indexing can help SEO. The use of the word ‘indexing’ indicates it is not just an algorithmic issue but an overhaul of the operational infrastructure and system. The index is just a collection of information that is easy to reach and search. They can be created for all kinds of information. The indexing can be retrieved through various ways. Some examples including numerically, alphabetically or historically using URLs.


For the sake of search, data is stored in one state, no matter the device you are using. That is a great thing but gathering various types of potential search results into an index is difficult. That is why the new mobile-first index is so important. It brings together a mix of websites, PWAs, and other data. This will help cultivate enhanced results in 2018.

Mobile SEO is more important now than ever and can significantly improve the way that businesses reach their target customers. There are a lot of changes that will help SEO firms optimize website and other types of data in order to provide the highest quality experience.


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